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Certificate of Patent N0 563037
Patent certificate published on the 30th April 1975

"The presented timer count-down includes an ordinary hour and minutes hands, respectively designated 1 and 2, a hand for the seconds 3, susceptible to be brought to zero with the help of a mechanism described hereafter, and a disc indicator of minutes 4, able to count the limited numbers of minutes, presenting for this purpose, two differently coloured hemispherical zone 4a and 4b, appearing successively in five cut windows on the dial, designated 6 of the count-down. The disc 4, showing the minutes, is automatically immovable at the end of its run and can be brought back in its initial departure position, with the help of it's above mentioned command mechanism."

With this Patent, AQUASTAR is at the origin of all regatta watch developments which have been made subsequently on this coloured disc model used as count-down with minute indicator.