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PIECE OF HOROLOGY ALLOWING THE COUNTING OF A RESTRICTED NUMBER OF MINUTES. Patent published the 26th February 1965 with the number 385114

"The enclosed design represents, as an example, a kind of execution of a piece of horology being the subject of the invention. The figure 1 represents the watch as it appears to the user. The hand of the second 1 is located in the centre of the movement and the dial includes an opening 2 through which appears the surface upper side of an indicating organ 3, including a coloured zone 3A indicating in the  graduation of the dial opening the time elapsed since the re-setting to zero of the hand of the seconds obtained by pressing the pusher 4, the crown 5 being used to rewind and to set the time of the hour and the minutes hands.

This patent represents the "Birth Certificate" of the regatta watches. It is the first time that investments have been realized to facilitate the regatta departures. This invention is part of  its period : it's the time of the important oceanic discoveries and the development of the nautical sports in general.